Stony, Tony comes home with a migraine.


800w of hurt/comfort under the cut.

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“You’re distracting me, Tony.”

“Shut it, I know you like it when I distract you.”


 justify asked you:May I request some bottom Tony then? The theme (if needed haha) is up to you. 
i do luv bottom!tony ^.^
nope i still haven’t figured out click thru links, but needless to say this is NSFW =D


 justify asked you:
May I request some bottom Tony then? The theme (if needed haha) is up to you.

i do luv bottom!tony ^.^

nope i still haven’t figured out click thru links, but needless to say this is NSFW =D




AN: I have so much work to do, and I’m completely shirking it all in favor of writing and watching movies. 

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кобелей моему  штурмбанфюреру  блиа


кобелей моему штурмбанфюреру блиа

hey, so I was wondering if you had any favourite Steve/Tony fanfics to recommend? :)


foOkay so I have A TON of favorites but they’re all fairly old because nothing recently (aside from namor fic) has caught my attention…also I got lost reading hobbit fics :D

CONVENIENTLY someone made a fic rec list and most of the ones on this list are ones I really like. Some of them aren’t but here’s that list anyway if you want it

Steve/Tony rec’s

From that list here’s my favorites that I’ve read more than a gazillion times.

Indelible by Prenumbren. This is Iron Man Noir Tony and 616 Tony switching places. Takes place after SEIGE and Tony is SUPER SAD SACK Tony and Steve is Commander Rogers and is a BIG POSSESSIVE GROUCH. This has been one of my faves for as long as I’ve been in the fandom and I SWEAR TO GOD my heart actually HURT reading it. But in a good way not a gross way at all.

This Time Tomorrow(Where Were We)  by Dorcas_Gustine Another hilariously sad sack Tony but its a fix-it fic after Steve died and Tony gets a crazy chance to go back in time and right all the wrongs that happen after Steve’s death. Read this fic then watch Iron Man 3 and tell me the scene where he’s walking in the snow isn’t a hilariously familiar scene.

BTW this fic is not…particularly funny? But also the description is the most UNBELIEVABLY INCOHERENT SUMMARY and I put this one off for a really long time. Also, when you get to the smut it is soooo worth it UuU Mmm

W.I.P.E by tsukinofaerii Another post SEIGE fic. Two parts. Deals with Tony’s broken ass computer brain BUT actually has a really interesting way of being written. It can seem a little confusing at first but I never had trouble really understanding what was going on and I read it before I had really read SEIGE so…??

Secrets of a Successful Marriage by Valtyr You can go ahead and read just about everything Valtyr has read BUT PLEASE Heed the warnings on her fics because she can go from a cute hilarious Mr and Mrs Smith fic like this to poop at the drop of a hat.

Also by Valtyr

The Emperor’s Fury 

Age is an irrational number

New Found Land

Doctor’s Note Required

Mothers, Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up to be Tony Stark

Truth This one is suuuuper cute

Muscle Memory

Apparently Only One Meal from barbarism  Cannibal Fic…sorta


(Words that Just)Melt and break by Simmysim Fix it fic before Marvel fixed-it with Steve’s death. Also has Doctor Strange in it for a bit :D Very possessive and VERY aggressive Steve UuU

Full Body Workout by Crimsonquills SEX POLLEN FIC HEYOOOOOO

That should tide you over for now…also I’m bored of making a list of fics I ….now…want to re-read

OH ALSO NAMOR FIC Love under the Hydrothermal Vents

AND College AU Bulletproof

Also read Mal’s fic recalibration where Loki actually turns Tony evil in The Avengers because WHO DOESN’T LIKE TEARS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT A HA HA HA

omg no like tony gets hurt in a fight and the doctor prescribes painkillers for him and tony takes them and his head goes all whooshy and he starts talking about stuff he wouldn't usually talk about and steve has taken the responsibility of looking after him and tony's just talking so much shit and steve's getting embarrassed cos tony's asking him stuff like if the serum made his dick grow and stuff like that and tony remembers nothing the next morning oops


‘Includes nausea, headaches, drowsiness, blah blah, and every other ironic side effect on the list.’ He swallows three down with a gulp of coffee. ‘What a load of shit —’

‘It’s two every four hours, Tony —’

‘One more isn’t going to hurt. Don’t get your tights in a twist.’

Steve sighs. ‘First, for the last time, they’re not tights, or Spandex. Secondly, what happens if you overdose?’

‘I won’t.’

‘You seem so sure.’

Tony shrugs, a smirk playing at his lips. ‘I am sure. Nurse Rogers will take care of me and keep me out of harms way.’

‘I still wonder how I got stuck with babysitting you.’


He’s woken by a slam against his door, but it isn’t what startles him, but the sad, whiny noise that follows. It’s loud, almost annoyed like a child would make when they throw their toys out the pram, and although it isn’t something he’s heard before, he knows exactly who it belongs to. Before he bothers to investigate, he knows that he’s right — three pills, and probably more, is too much — and he’s tempted to not live it down later on.

As he opens the door, Tony is slumped on the other side. He looks up; his eyes are dazed and glossy.

‘I fell,’ he slurs. ‘I don’t know how, but I did.’

‘Come on — no Tony, don’t lie down, get up,’ he sighs, heaving him to his feet long enough so he can collapse onto the bed. ‘Don’t move.’

It’s stupid, really, to rush, but he practically jogs to the kitchen and back with a glass of water, (he doesn’t know what to expect, maybe a disaster with the curtains torn and lamps smashed and he’s television rebuilt into new armour; he never knows with Tony). Unexpectedly, Tony’s sprawled out on his bed when he returns, staring up at the ceiling, and for a moment, Steve thinks of the worst, and —

‘You’d make a cute nurse, y’know, I’d swoon over you like all the lady nurses. I’m swooning now.’

‘Uh. Right.’

He hands Tony the water, and he sloshes it down himself, barely notching. ‘Thanks Nurse Rogers, is it time for my prostate exam now, cause —’

No!’ Heat spills into his cheeks, and it prickles uncomfortably on his neck, but it doesn’t compare to the tightness down — he shakes his head, managing to sputter out, ‘You need to rest, sober up or drain the medicine out of your system, or whatever —’

‘You know what’s weird?’

He closes his eyes. ‘No, but I don’t think I want to know —’

‘How your dick got crazy big after the serum. I mean, the size of my forearm.’

‘Oh, God — I don’t know, Tony. Maybe it was magic, we’ll never know.

‘What? It’s true. C’mon, Steve, surely you notice the showers are rigged with cameras. Not stalking, though, or me being a pervert, it’s totally not that.’

His face burns. ‘Then what is it?’

‘My way,’ he says, half distracted by his thoughts, ‘of suppressing my crush over you. Flushing the feelings out with the sight of that sweet ass of —’

‘Stop, please.’ It’s not that he’s uncomfortable, well, he is, but he isn’t disgusted. It’s overwhelming, it’s —

It’s a sigh of relief, to know his feelings aren’t rejected; he’d planned to broach the subject some time, but now that Tony’s gone ahead and beat him to it, he’s shocked, but the ease floods through him in one, crashing wave. A smile tugs at the corner of his lips. He’s not sure how to follow through with this conversation, but it doesn’t matter, as just as he breaks from his thoughts, he sees Tony asleep, his snores light and relaxed as they flutter past his lips.

He lifts the sheets, and tucks them around Tony’s body. He takes the armchair next to the bed, not wanting to intrude, but it doesn’t stop him from watching the flutter of Tony’s eyelids or listen to the intelligible whispers for a while or two. 


‘I said what?

Steve lets him sleep six hours before relaying the events of the night before. There’s a tinge of fear on Tony’s face, or worry, he can’t really tell, but he smiles and tells him it’s okay, and that he didn’t mind. Really didn’t mind, or the moment he subtly lets on he feels the same, and thankfully it doesn’t take much for Tony to realise the hint.

‘Well,’ Tony says after a while. ‘I guess this is the part where I ask you out.’

He grins. Yeah, I guess it is.’



A/N The third Back to the Future is my favorite and I was talking with friends once and they said I was breaking the rules by not liking the first one the best :/

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shaliara asked:
Steve/Tony (*surprised gasp*): ” Take. This. Off. “



Take. This. Off,” Steve says, one word at a time, punctuated by deep breathes and not less of an order for it.

Tony gives him a long, veiled look, and for a moment Steve can’t breathe at all. Then he smiles, all easy charm, and starts unbuttoning his shirt.

The RT illuminates Tony’s skin with cold, blue light, but it has meant Tony for long enough Steve doesn’t even notice it consciously.

Steve suddenly thinks it should be him doing it for Tony. Him, opening every button and kissing every new piece of bare skin, running his tongue over it until Tony couldn’t think straight.

Tony certainly is doing his best to make Steve unable to think at all right now, opening his shirt while looking Steve straight in the eyes, licking his lips.

Steve wants him to get naked, now. Wants to be naked himself. And Tony knows what he’s doing, when he steps closer, just out of reach, and whispers, “Is that what you wished for, Commander?”

Steve would like to reply, but Tony slides his shirt off his arms, and it’s so sensual, the way white silk runs over his muscles, the way Tony stretches his arms back to pull off the sleeves, that he can’t say a word, can only stare, and Tony must know it, because in that moment he leans over him and kisses him, sweetly, and then takes a step back again, reaches for his fly now.

Anonymous asked:
i kind of have this headcanon that Tony has a bit of hero worship for Steve or at least Steve was a big inspiration to him and steve would be really confused and a bit flattered when he found out


yES And Steve finds Tony’s room completely dedicated to Captain America and it’s full of merch Steve had no idea Tony was able to get his hands on. And he doesn’t tell Tony about it, but every time he passes by Tony or sees him with the group he gives him this little smirk and Tony knows, just knows that Steve knows about something and he is determined to figure it out.

So he follows Steve around and that’s totally not stalking and he finds Steve talking to Natasha on Skype call about how cute it is that Tony has such a crush on him and Tony just barges into Steve’s room and points a finger at him with his face all red and Steve has never jumped higher in his life and Tony’s all offended and mumbling on and on about how he totally does not have a crush on him and that Steve is full of himself and Natasha is trying so hard not to laugh on the other line of the call.

Steve just starts laughing and pulls Tony into his arms to kiss at his cheek and he whispers, “I know you love me, Tony, your room of Cap merch told me so.” and he just leaves his room, leaving Tony dumbfounded and slightly turned on.